What being vegan means to me

☀️ Tuesday we had a beautiful blue sky in Oxford. The sun was shining and giving us energy and vitamin D.

But I didn’t feel full of happiness. Once again I was sad because of the food wastage we encounter every day, and I see a respect going away between my flatmates (including me). That is why I finally decided that all food I can get from job, I’ll give it to homeless and hopeless people, because I know they need it, I know they won’t waste, and if I can make someone happy, even for a little time, I’ll try, I’ll do.

Yesterday (Wednesday), we nature gave us a burning sky, and I thank it a lot, for all those colours, the magic, the beauty after a rainy, windy and cold day. I really felt like the bad went away, and I felt so peaceful.

I went to the city centre with a box containing 2 hot dogs, 2 cheeseburgers, and 4 steak pies. I got this from work and as I hate wastage I took as much as I can to give it. I re-heated all of this to give them something as hot as I can regarding this cold day we had.
I gave food to two homeless men, and the second one was so shocked of all the food I gave him. He thanks me a lot. I was just happy to help him for few days.
For sure, the food wasn’t vegan, but I didn’t feel guilty. Yesterday, two men were happy to have something to eat, and that is what I wanted.
Then I gave back his bus card to a student of my university who has lost it. And finally, I realised that it’s not because the sky is blue, you will have a good day. It’s totally what you make of your day that makes it good or bad. And the sum of all your actions and the feeling you have after making it determine who you are.

“Nous saurons qui nous sommes quand nous verrons ce que nous avons fait. ”

“We will know who we are when we see what we have done.”

~ Pierre Drieu La Rochelle